Break a Leg More Like Bruise your Ribs

Break a Leg More Like Bruise your Ribs

Eli Marshall, Author

Rapper Post Malone suffered a fall and bruised his ribs on September 17, 2022, when he fell through a hole on stage during a performance in St. Louis, Missouri.

The rapper, who was on a small platform, fell through a hole on the stage while singing his opener. Despite being in immense pain, he still went out and finished his performance with one last song. After about ten minutes of being checked by staff, Post Malone got up with help from others. Once he returned to the stage he repeatedly apologized before finishing the show. Dre London commended the rapper for finishing the show “in true Posty fashion.”

“Thank you everyone for all your well wishes! @postmalone didn’t break 3 ribs last nite thank god,” The rapper’s manager Dre London wrote on Instagram. “We did X-rays @ hospital after the show & they declared he had bruised his ribs!”.

Post Malone is widely known for his song “Sun Flower” which was used in the movie “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”. He is also known for his recent album Twelve Carat Toothache. Many of his fans and friends want him to continue with his twelve-carat toothache North American tour.