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What Are the Implications of Super Tuesday?

Super Tuesday is a date when many states hold their caucuses or primaries to nominate a candidate to enter the final presidential race. Every election cycle, this event typically falls on the first Tuesday of March, and it’s often a big part of nominating the final Democrat and Republican candidates. Every state has a certain amount of delegates – based on their population –  up for grabs, and a candidate must secure 1,215 delegates in their party to win the official nomination.

Super Tuesday 2024: 16 states voted, here are the results | cbs8.comIn the Republican field, former President Donald Trump dominated Super Tuesday, winning a majority of the states and significantly increasing his delegate count. Trump’s biggest contender was Nikki Haley, who only won Vermont’s Republican and gained very few delegates. Other candidates, like Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Chris Christie, have all since dropped out of the race. Trump has currently won 1,241 delegates, officially nominating him as the Republican candidate.

On the Democratic side, President Joe Biden swept through the primaries, winning across the board in states that held their contests. The Democratic nomination requires a candidate to hold 1,968 delegates. This cycle, Marianne Williamson and Dean Philips were the only other Democratic candidates that made it to Super Tuesday. They have both since dropped out, and Joe Biden has won the Democratic nomination with 2,107 current delegates.

The results from Super Tuesday solidify a Biden-Trump rematch in the upcoming presidential election, and the candidates will engage in their first debate this coming September. For detailed results and a breakdown of the delegate counts, visit Politico​​, 11Alive​​, and Ballotpedia​​ for further coverage.

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