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American Troops Back to the Middle East


America has fought in many countries in the Middle East. From Iran to Afghanistan to Syria, Americans have been to all areas. However, with the Israel-Gaza conflict, the question arises. Will America go back?

 Many people have disliked the wars in the Middle East, more specifically the war on terrorists, which started on Oct 7, 2001, following the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers, where a “series of airline hijackings and suicide attacks committed in 2001 by 19 militants associated with the Islamic extremist group al-Quaeda against targets in the, the deadliest terrorist attacks on American soil in U.S. history” 

After these attacks, George W Bush started the war on terrorists. A statement from his website says After the September 11,   terrorist attacks on the United States, President George W. Bush announced a comprehensive plan to seek out and stop terrorists around the world. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were part of the Global War On Terror or “GWOT,” but the term was also used to describe diplomatic, financial, and other actions taken to deny financing or safe harbor to terrorists. Coalition partners from around the world also participated in the GWOT.”

However, American and Coalition forces pulled out of the Middle East after President Biden was elected, leaving only 900 Special operators, and hundreds of Private Military Contractors in Syria, where they continue to fight ISIS (Islamic State Of Iran And Syria) insurgents. 

The war on terrorists was extremely criticized by many, thinking that it was an “Oil War”, or a conquest of the Middle East. It was due to this backlash and the severe loss of American troops that Biden pulled the plug on the operation. After this decision, terrorists groups such as Hamas and Hasbullah have launched attacks on Israeli soil. This conflict started after WW2 when Israel was granted territory inside Palestine to form their country. Palestinians and Israelis have had a feud over land ever since. 

America soon implemented itself as Israel’s ally, promising to go back if they go into conflict. Fast forward to the present where Hamas launches a coordinated attack on Israel, and Israel fires back with rockets leveling Gaza. It is a bloody conflict and both sides are doing despicable things. Hamas is kidnapping Israeli citizens while Israel is killing civilians with rocket bombardments.

President Biden recently sent Delta Force operators into Tel Aviv, as well as several warships off the coast. Some believe that they are planning to attack Gaza, while others believe that they are there to protect Israel with a show of force, and only force.

However, due to the homemade nature of Hamas weaponry, it may be possible that a missile will go off course and hit some sort of American base or carrier. 


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