The Midterm Elections

Vyaan Chopra, author


The Democrats, Republicans, and other parties have just finished the Midterm elections and there is a lot of news that has been looked over. 


First, in the House Of Representatives, the Republicans got out to an early 

lead and were projected to win by 50 seats. The Democrats did start to come back, but the Republicans won by 10 seats. The Republicans also flipped 18 seats (republicans won in a democratic state) while the Democrats only flipped 6. In the last 2 presidential terms, Biden did have the worst result in the House Of Representatives. 


Second, the Senate race was extremely close the whole time, with the largest lead for both parties just being 4 seats. (Democrats.) The Democrats did win 50 seats and they need 51 to control but if it is 50-50, the vice president (Kamala Harris) makes the tiebreaker vote. So, the Democrats have a nearly 100% chance to win the Senate. 


All in all, the midterm elections have been very close and entertaining. While there have been some surprises like how the Democrats dropped more seats this year and how the Republicans stole so many seats, no one can deny that in 2028, there will be one hell of a race!