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How To Survive: CERs

CERs in a nutshell


With Name in NVF, all you basically have to do is say the article/story, and the author.

For example, if you have a book called “yap yap yap” by Blah D. Blah, you would say:

According to “yap yap yap” by Blah D. Blah, ….

With Verb, all you have to do is give an action word, such as illustrates, or something in that area.

Finishing is basically saying what you believe, what you are claiming.


To Introduce, give the page/paragraph/stanza number, and the author’s name,

Ex. On page 123, while Blah D. Blah …


Give some information about the area that you got the evidence from.


Give the exact words from the text, within quotation marks: “”.


Basically (for fiction), you give a key word in quotation marks and say what it is saying on a deeper level, and then give a few words to connect them to each other.

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