Human Remains Found Near The Mississippi River

Vyaan Chopra, author


An unidentified human’s remains were found near the Mississippi river. Crystal Foster, (the person who found the bones) said that she was just searching for rocks with her family and found the remains there. However, the water levels in Memphis, Tennessee are extremely low. With this evidence, people could argue that the remains have been there for a while. Decades, even it has been that long since the water level in Memphis has gone below the point where they are as of this moment. Crystal Foster said that at first, she thought they were animal bones, but her child stopped her and almost grabbed the bone when Crystal moved closer and saw that it was a human bone. Crystal Foster then said that she looked around and saw a couple more on the shore, leaning against the rocks. After this realization, she called the local Sherrif Office and waited until they arrived. The bones were quickly carted off to the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, where experts are studying the bones. Experts still don’t know exactly who it is, or even when it was found. Rest assured, anthropologists are working on that right now. However, we can’t know anything for sure, except that the bones are human.