Monarch Butterflys

Emilie Mullison, Author

Do you want to know all about the monarch butterfly? Well, then I will blow your mind! Did you know the monarch butterfly has wings that look like stained glass windows? The colors are black, white, and orange; these are called warning colors. These say to predators: “stay back. I am dangerous!”

Monarch butterflies live in FIELDS  and meadows; they migrate to Canada and Mexico. Monarch butterflies feed on nectar and milkweed; the milkweed gives the monarch butterfly poison. When the monarch butterfly is not eating; it watches out for all of its predators such as fire ants, snakes, birds, and more.

One defense mechanism my animal uses is warning colors.  Warning colors are bright colors that some animals use such as the monarch butterfly. The colors of the monarch butterfly are black, orange, and white. These warning colors say to stay back.  Predators know after they see the monarch butterfly remains back because of its warning colors.  They know they can get hurt if they mess with the monarch butterfly.

One defense mechanism my animal uses is POISON. Poison is something that you can get hurt. You can be poisoned from eating or Touching. The monarch butterfly gets its poison from milkweed. Milkweed is a plant that monarch butterflies eat that gives them their poison. When monarch butterflies eat milkweed, they feel fine because they are supposed to eat it, but if an animal eats it, it gets sick because of the poison inside the milkweed. Milkweed looks like a pink light purple and sometimes red flower.

Monarch butterflies are unique because they monarch butterfly has warning coloration and poison. The monarch butterfly should remain in nature because they help the environment and they deserve to live in the environment so they can eat and drink. One thing you should remember is you should start growing milkweed in a garden or your front yard or back yard.