Old Mural is Now Popular

Lucy Raquel Fowler, Writer

A mural in Winsted, Connecticut, was painted by Ellen Griesedieck, and the mural is five stories tall and 120 feet wide. Ellen first came up with the idea in 1999 and she mostly created it with the help of thousands of students across the world. The mural is now on display in the American Mural Project (AMP), and she even named her mural the same thing! The mural was painted to help celebrate the great American workers, such as Steelworkers, heart surgeons, athletes, and a teacher are among those pictured. 

Griesedieck created the mural by visiting workers in many different places, and took pictures of them. She then started painting what the pictures looked like while the workers were doing their job, and she was able to blend them all into one portrait. The AMP has helped with more than 15,000 kids, and Griesedieck wanted them to all be a part of the mural, and that was really important to her. 

“It takes teamwork to install a giant piece of art,” says the “Time For Kids” website. The workers who helped with this project had to get machines to help lift up a large-scale of New York City firefighter, Melissa Bennett to Griesedieck’s mural. Bennett’s portrait is only one piece of the massive painting. “We’ve got 116 pieces of marble that look like a jigsaw puzzle of the Statue of Liberty,” Griesedieck says. Adding those heavy pieces to the mural took more than a month. Also, you can see the mural today in Winsted, Connecticut.