Kia and Hyundai Cars Are Being Stolen By Kids

Ben Vincent, writer

Both Kia and Hyundais cars can be stolen very easily because of a USB port under the steering wheel. The “Kia boys” as they have named themselves, use this USB port. First, with a screwdriver, they pop open a compartment under the steering wheel and then insert a USB cable into the port twist it, and then the car starts. The reason that the USB port is there is for car mechanics as it makes it easier for them to test the car. The whole thing started with a TikTok trend where people steal Kias and take them for joy rides. After they steal the Kia, they write “KIA BOYZ” on the glove compartment.

So far over 3,000 Kias/Hyundais have been stolen statewide just this year. Because of this, many people that get their cars stolen say they will never get a Kia/Hyundai again. Even the people that got their cars back say that after they get the car fixed, they will sell it and buy a different type of car. Hyundai is going to release a security kit for the affected cars for a fee. The kit is a “starter interrupt and siren” that targets the method of entry thieves are using. But many people do not think it is enough and that Kia/Hyundai should recall the cars or at least pay for the security kit as the mistake was their fault.