Cat Saves Mississippi Man

Natalie Turc, Author

Ever heard of a guard dog? Well, this is the story of a guard cat. In Mississippi, a 20-pound brave cat named Bandit saved his owner from an attempted robbery on July 25th, 2022 in the early morning by warning her owner of the danger. The calico cat could have possibly just saved her owner’s life.

The owner’s name is Everitt and he is 68. The attempted robbery happened around 2:30-3:00 a.m. At least two people were attempting to break into the man’s house, meaning they were trying to get into Everitts house without permission. One with a handgun, and the other with a crowbar trying to pry the door open. At first, Bandit tried to warn them with her meows, but then she leaped into action by racing to her owner’s room and started to pull the comforter off him. She clawed at his arms to warn him, and the man seemed to understand. He knew something was wrong since the bandit had never done this before. He went downstairs to see that two men were trying to break an entryway. He saw one holding a handgun, and the other had a crowbar, trying to pry the door open. He quickly grabbed a nine-millimeter gun to try to scare them away, but by the time he got back, they were already gone. “It did not turn into a confrontational situation, thank goodness,” Everitt told the paper. Everitt adopted Bandit four years ago from the Tupelo-Lee Humane society. When he saw Bandit at the shelter, he knew that she was the right one. And he was right. Bandit had possibly saved his life. As they always say, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” Everitt saved Bandit’s life from the shelter, and Bandit saved her owner from two robbers attempting to break into his house. Who says cats don’t give love? This cat gave plenty! And every cat has some love to give, you just have to find it!