The Best Cat breeds to Have as a Pet

The Best Cat breeds to Have as a Pet

Amaya Dye, Author

Normally when you go to a pet store like petsmart for example you’ll see all kinds of different breeds of cats. If you can’t tell which one to get, here are three breeds that are the best for a pet.

  1. The Scottish fold.

They’re known mainly for their folded-down ears and distinct looks. This is a breed of cat that will stay loyal to one person but love socializing with others as well. When it gets the attention it’s ready to play but if you’re busy it also has ways to entertain itself. They’re not as active as other breeds so they can become overweight but if you play with the cat enough it should stay in good health.


  1. The Ragdoll

This is a cat that loves attention and people in general. They Are especially good cats if there are a lot of kids in your household. They can be high maintenance at times because of their long fur getting tangled and knotted, this can be easily stopped though if you groom it at least once a day. 


  1. Maine coon

This is the cat that you will usually find described as the perfect family pet and it’s true, they are playful and affectionate but also intelligent and quick learners. They’re gentle and friendly making them good home pets too. While it’s a good thing that the Maine coon cats are social there’s also the downside of that they get lonely easily, so if you are not home often they tend to become more sad.

So if you’re interested in owning a cat for yourself or as a family pet I would consider getting one of these breeds of cats.