Porch Piracy is an Increasing Struggle


Will Hogan, Staff Writer

          Porch pirating. You have probably heard of it or even had it happen to you. Porch pirating, for those who don’t know, is stealing a package from someone’s porch. Package theft is an increasing problem, but there are things to do about it.

          Last year, in 2022, a report from Security.com found that nationally (U.S.A.), 49 million Americans have had at least one package stolen in the year alone. This is nearly double that of 2020. The increase in package theft most definitely comes from the rise in online shopping, with 1 in 5 Americans saying that they receive multiple packages a week. Package theft is now becoming the most common type of crime, with 34% of Americans that have experienced it, nearly three times that of a violent crime.

          Despite this, there are many measures that you can use to prevent packages from being stolen. The first option that comes to mind would be a video doorbell, but that’s not great for prevention. Video doorbells, such as Ring, don’t deter thieves as they used to, yet they’re good for turning suspects into the police. Another solution, which works well, is a box for your packages that sits on your porch (if you don’t live in an apartment). Delivery companies could simply open the lid, which lifts up a couple boards. This prevents anyone from reaching inside. The package is simply placed on the top board, and when the lid closes the packages falls down to an area only accessible by a key.

          Take it from experience that porch piracy can be really frustrating and unjust. About a year ago, we got a package stolen and the same thing happened a couple of weeks later. This was before we knew about a package box, so we decided to take action in another way. That same night, we scooped up some fresh cat litter and simply put it into a little a box. We ripped off the little sticker on the box and put it out on the front porch, then believe it or not, the literal next day a person came up on our porch and stole it. Of course this was funny and refreshing to get revenge, but a package was still stolen. Two in the same week, actually.

          While package theft is on the rise, people need to take action. Get some sort of package-protection to help prevent theft, and report any to the police. Stay safe, it’s important. (And so is your money!)