Colorado’s Car Thefts are Skyrocketing

Colorados Car Thefts are Skyrocketing

Oliver Boucher, Author

Colorado’s record-breaking surge in car theft is terrifying, at least in part, by repeat offenders who steal one vehicle after another, and the Metropolitan Police do not know what to do. The current Colorado car theft rate is 68.56 stolen vehicles per 100,000 people which is incredibly high, even for Colorado.

The Metropolitan Police are trying to find a solution to this problem and the repeat offenders, one way they are doing this is fake cars and undercover cops. The fake cars are very interesting because it is the easiest way to catch a car thief. You park a car in a parking lot with the windows rolled down and you wait to see if someone is trying to break in. If they are, you jump out and arrest them, easily. The only flaw is you might be waiting a while for a car thief and while you are waiting, another car could be getting stolen the next block over.
The undercover cop tactic is when an undercover cop walks around at night and waits for a car alarm to be heard or to see a car thief. This has the same flaw as the fake car one, it takes a long time to catch a car thief and sometimes the car alarm might not even go off.

There is not a foolproof way to stop car thieves, but the Denver Metropolitan Police are trying their best to stop car thefts. Not every stolen car is going to be returned, but most of them will.