The Eagles Finally Lost

August Murphy, Author

The Philadelphia Eagles started the season undefeated (8-0) with quarterback Jalen Hurts. On November 15 the Eagles lost to the Washington Commanders (4-5). For nine weeks people were talking about when the Eagles would lose most people thought I might be when they play the Packers. People thought this at the start of the season because for the last couple of seasons they have been really good. Probably they thought the same thing with the Colts because they were also pretty good last season. But nobody thought it would happen at home against the Commanders, I think this because before their game the Commanders were 4-5 which means that they had four wins and five losses (They weren’t that good.) Plus the Eagles were undefeated (hadn’t lost yet). I also think that the loss was pretty sad for some fans because the Eagles fans wanted them to get to the playoff undefeated. Still, the Eagles are big Super Bowl defenders. Now, all we can do is wait for the rest of the season.