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Best and Worst Picks from the NFL Draft


There were many crazy steals and insane picks in this draft in this year’s NFL draft. We will be going through three categories including the Most surprising Pick, Steal of the draft, and The perfect pick.

Most surprising Pick: (Micheal Penix jr.), The whole world was astonished after the falcons took Washington quarterback Penix with the 8th pick in the draft. It is not about his skill, it is about how the falcons had just signed Kirk cousins to a 4 year 180 million contract. The last thing we thought the falcons were pick up another quarterback to just sit and watch for 22.8 million for four years as well, While 22.8 million is not that much for a NFL team they could have got a star wr, rb to pair with cousins instead of a bench quarterback. 

Steal of the draft: (Rome Oduze) Caleb Williams, Rome Oduze, Austin Booker This and more is the list of the bears draft. Rome Oduze was easily the best pick after as I said above with the 8th pick the falcons they were almost a lock pick for 8th but after the falcons passed it up there was no doubt that the bears had their combination of Caleb and Rome and had there steal of the draft

The perfect pick: (Bo Nix) The Denver Broncos submitted their perfect franchise quarterback for the broncos. He said he wanted to go to the Broncos and said their weather is perfect. The broncos needed and got a quarterback And Bo Nix is perfect for the job after their search for a quarterback and got the perfect pick slow but great playing football player what they needed.

And that raps up the most crazy picks of this years 2024 NFL draft in Detroit.

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