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Affects of Dolls


Growing up as a young girl, we all had a doll obsession. Most of the most popular were Bratz, Barbie, LOL, and America Girls. Not only did these companies of dolls have an impact on young girls coming of age, but the people we became. When teenage girls were younger, we loved collecting and customizing the ones they owned. 

When girls were younger we had a wide collection of dolls. Younger girls used to have play dates with each other and their Barbie houses. Not only did several young girls have lots of dolls that were collected over time.

Having dolls can both allow you to have a fun childhood but also make unrealistic body standards for yourself in the future. How the standards make you feel because of the way you look. Growing and having Barbies and other dolls made growing up even fun. On the other hand, Barbies can affect the mental health of many teenagers. When girls were young having dolls made the largest impression on their childhood.  Dolls were good for girls to play with they were young; yet at the same time leaving a harsh expectation on the body goals that girls have.


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