Screen Time

Logan Rustici, Author

Screen time is viewed as good and bad all around the world but I think it can be good and bad. First of all screen time is how much time you get on devices such as phones, ipads, and TV. I would like to have unlimited screens every day of the week but I am not a couch potato. I would be responsible for it. But that is not how my family runs. I get unlimited on non-school days which I support only kinda. Because my family does this I am bored when it is cold outside or it is raining and on weekends I am tired of doing screens. I would choose to have some every day and enjoy my weekends outside. While this might not be great for a cold winter it is very good for spring and summer.

I enjoy having no limits on a day so I can plan out my day accordingly I want to play online for some amount at some time and then go do something outside to get moving. This works out for me, especially because I have a very busy schedule and some days I might get 10 minutes of screen time while on others I might have 2 hours. It varies for me and other people out there. Also, limits. Limits are a good thing for younger kids but for older kids can be very annoying because maybe there is a viral video that goes out but is restricted for you so you cant watch it. I don’t like limits but sometimes they are necessary for younger kids.

For every kid out there, bored on a day, think about sports, crafts, and games you like to do. And if you don’t have access to this item try something new. While some parents say something like “Screens mush your brain” and “you need to do something productive” well some games require teamwork, problem-solving, and hand-eye coordination so while it might not be the best I still think it is a good way to turn a boring afternoon into an awesome time with friends. I like it, especially if I can do the things I enjoy like sports where I can play Madden or Fifa online with friends. So I would like most of my parents and others to want to lift the limits on screen time so we can enjoy our time with friends that can’t be here with us in person.