Getting Those Nighttime Z’s

Getting Those Nighttime Zs

Olympia Mays, Author

If you’ve ever just been looking at the ceiling in your dark room, waiting to fall asleep, here are some tips that might help you fall asleep. Whether it’s a tik-tok never ending hole or just anxiety and stress, here are some tips for you.

-Try to get more sunlight in your day

If you go out into the sun during the day, it might dim the impact of your screen at night. About 20-40 minutes of sun might do the trick.

-Get enough exercise

Getting enough exercise is almost essential for better sleep as it raises the core temperature. After you’re done exercising, your core will cool down, making you feel sleepy.

-Try to get in a sleeping pattern

Sleeping in some sort of pattern, such as falling asleep at 9:30ish and waking up at 7:00, will help improve your sleep. If you get into a sleeping pattern, your body will get used to falling asleep and waking up.


Aromatherapy can help with relaxing and getting ready for bed, and helping you fall asleep. Some relaxing scents can promote sleep.

-Don’t force yourself to go to sleep

It is shown how trying to make yourself fall asleep will keep you awake. Because you are trying hard to fall asleep, your body will think you are awake. Instead, try to stay awake. It may sound odd, but trying to stay awake can make you sleepy.

-Listen to relaxing music

Relaxing music can calm your nervous system, leading you to easier sleep. Sometimes also blocking out all noise can help you.

If these tips don’t help you, or just aren’t for you, try doing things that will help you relax. Any sort of relaxing behavior before bed will help you fall asleep.