Crumbl This


Lucy Fowler, Writer

Crumbl cookies is known for their big menu but more for big delicious cookies with locations all over, Crumbl Cookies is the place to go. With Crumbl cookies changing menu there is always a chance for a new cookie and you can try all of the flavors.

 Crumbl cookies first originated in 2017, in Logan, Utah where two cousins opened their very first Crumbl Cookies store. Even with their changing menu there have become some certain cookies that stick around. The chocolate chip cookie and frosted pink sugar cookies have become a permanent part of the menu because of their loved flavor. 

You may be wondering why they always use a pink box? Well this is why: the iconic pink box was made to fit 1, 4, 6, or 12 cookies with ease so they are compacted and don’t slip.  While Sawyer (CEO) was in college him and his fellow classmates at Utah State University came up with the brilliant pink box design.

Crumbl Cookies has spread all over 36 states nationwide and has opened over 300 stores. Every munch is a whole new feeling of love for these AMAZING pastries. They are highly recommended

bites of joy.