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Oreos, the legendary treat that all kids crave. But what are Oreos? And what types of Oreos are there? This article digs deep on Oreos, and everything about them.

Oreos are chocolate sandwich cookies. They are two tiny chocolate cookies pressed together with a bunch of cream the Oreo company calls stuff. They are delicious, especially when different types and flavors are added. Mint, birthday cake, fudge covered, space dunk, marshmallow moon, Oreo cakesters, double stuf, mint fudge-covered, and even Oreo-O’s cereal. There are infinite different types of these cookies you can find online, it is literally endless.

Oreo chocolate sandwich cookies are now owned by Kraft (aka Mondelez International) and also, Oreo Cookies are enjoyed in more than 100 countries. In 1912, Oreos were introduced in the United States. Today, Oreo has become one of the world’s top-selling cookies. What a surprise.


In 1898, several baking companies merged to form the National Biscuit Company, also called Nabisco. This was the beginning of the ultimate Oreo cookie. In 1912, Nabisco had an idea for a new cookie, though it wasn’t exactly its own—two chocolate disks with a creme filling in between had been done already by the Sunshine Biscuits company in 1908, which called the cookie Hydrox. They totally stole the idea and the Oreo cookie invented four years after the world was introduced to Hydrox closely resembled the biscuit that preceded it: two chocolate circles with white creme sandwiched between them called stuf. Despite stealing ideas, the Oreo made a name for itself and passed its competitor, because it’s better. They trademarked it so no one could steal it.

So technically, I’ve been doing it wrong. It’s called Oreo®. 

When the cookie was first introduced in 1912, it appeared as the Oreo Biscuit, which changed like 5 times. The list:

  • 1921: Oreo Sandwich
  • 1937: Oreo Creme Sandwich
  • 1974: Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie
  • Everyone calls it: Oreo 

The recipe and signature look of the Oreo hasn’t really changed (shocker), but Nabisco has been making all these “limited edition” and “pride,” that are sometimes better than the classic. The company started selling various versions of the cookie as its popularity grew. In 1975, Nabisco released these Double Stuf Oreos, which are better since the stuf is the BEST part, duh. The world agrees that the Oreo recipe and design are the BEST, so there is no need to fix them. Oreos are well-loved just as they are and are sure to be around for many years to come.

And that is the Oreo story. And that is also the end of this article.

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