The Best Stranger Things Character

Parker Holthus, Reporter

     Max Mayfield a resident of the town of Hawkins Indiana is the most interesting and creative character in Stranger Things, a horror show based in the 1980s because she is put through so much and had a big part in the show.  She is also very good at faking her emotions and her actions as an actor. She is so outgoing and she is very tough considering everything she has been put through, like with her stepbrother, Billy Hargrove, who is very aggressive, while her mom is an alcoholic.

     Max acts tough on the outside but is going through a lot on the inside. She skateboards and hangs out with her friend Eleven/Jane Hopper. They are close friends now but before they were close, Jane was not the biggest fan of Max.

     In season 4, Max gets put under a curse by Vecna called “Vecna’s Curse” (Vecna = This season’s monster) Every season has a monster and the friend group has to defeat it. Everyone in the friend group is Jane Hopper, Max Mayfield, Steve Harrington, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, Will Byers, and last but not least Mike Wheeler.

     Max is very stunning, funny, and inspiring. She makes good comebacks when people try to mess with her and she has a very good relationship with a lot of the other characters. Max and Lucas were dating and season 4 ended with her and Lucas liking each other but we don’t know if they want to date again.

     Max is overall the number one person with the most creative personality. And she could probably beat you in a fight because of what she deals with. She is so strong and I would personally love to be her partner in crime.