Lou’s Authentic Italian Experience 

Ben Vincent, Author

     Lou’s Italian Specialties was founded by the same people that made “Rosenberg’s Bagels” and “Famous Original J’s Pizza”. Joshua Pollack is trying to recreate his childhood food memories from New Jersey and he certainly did that with Lou’s. Lou’s gets a 4.7 average on Google and a 4.5 on Yelp with many reviews.

    Lou’s has a wide variety of salads, paninis, and sandwiches (which come in two sizes half and full). They also have pasta and soup. One of the most famous there is the Arancini. It is 3 cheese rice balls with marinara. Their market is small and a little pricey but it has some exceptional Italian ingredients you can’t find at Walmart or Safeway. The market includes olive oil kinds of vinegar, tapenades, charcuterie cut-to-order, fresh pasta, and pints of marinara sauce.

     For dessert, you can have their amazing cannolis (a tube-shaped Italian dessert that consists of fried pastry dough stuffed with a sweet, creamy cheese filling). Reviews show that they top every other Italian place in Denver! The staff is friendly and helpful offering suggestions. There are not many places to sit at Lou’s, with only a small seating area outside with tables for two, but it is great for takeout. And you won’t ever want mozzarella and pasta from any other place after this, as their mozzarella and pasta are homemade. Lou’s also has various prices, the cheapest being 6$ and the most expensive being 18$.