Wilson’s New Deal

Wilsons New Deal

Cal Redman and Nash Bischoff

           Broncos’ Quarterback Russell Wilson (33 years old) gets signed to a new 5-year deal on September 1st, the Broncos have been trying to sign Wilson since they traded for him, and now they finally have the $245 million contract they have been looking for. To get Wilson in the first place the Broncos had to trade three players: Noah Fant TE, Drew Lock QB, and Shelby Harris DE. They also had to trade in two first-round draft picks, two second-round picks, and a fifth-round pick. In the contract, Wilson gets $165 million included in the deal. Wilson got drafted by the Seahawks in the third round in 2012 and has spent all ten years of his career with the Seahawks.

           Wilson played for the Rockies organization for 2 years, and it’s kind of ironic that he’s back in Denver. After baseball, he attended Wisconsin as a graduate, and he got the Badgers’ starting quarterback job. The Broncos’ first game in the 2022 season is against Wilson’s old team too, so he will be traveling back to Seattle to play his first game.

           Family: Ciara (wife 36 years old), Win (son 2 years old), Sienna (daughter 3 years old), Future (son 7 years old), Harrison Wilson IV (brother 38 years old) Anna (sister 25 years old) Harrison Wilson III (dad, died at 55 years old), and Tammy (mom 62 years old). Wilson has been married to Ciara for 6 years, Ciara is a famous American singer.