Why Golden Retrievers are the Best Dogs

Addie Wardell, Writer

           Golden retrievers are amazing dogs for many reasons. They are easy to train. If you are wondering if they chew things the answer is yes, but only items such as shoes. Otherwise, they are great dogs. They are the best dogs because they are gentle, very smart, and playful with kids. Another reason is they are great for families and they are obedient if you train them as puppies. 

            If you want to get a puppy and don’t know how to train it here are some tips: Have them socialize as puppies, make sure they have lots of exercise; they are very lazy sometimes but can also be very active, they love to eat, and they love water so get a miniature pool for them to play in. They also don’t bark a lot and they are great for families and kids. Puppies are also a great help if you’re sad about something then they come up, sit next to you, and lie down to you.