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Dance Moms: Where They Are Now


Almost everybody has heard of the smash hit reality TV show, “Dance Moms.” “Dance Moms” is an 8 series TV show, and it’s all about Abby’s competition team for dance. In the show, the moms (Cathy-Nesbitt Stein, Christi Lukasiak, Holly Frazier, Jill Vertez, Kelly Hyland, and Melissa Ziegler, as some of the most popular moms) of the dancers go berserk and always find a way to stir up drama, especially with Abby. However, after “Dance Moms” was canceled due to the kids growing up, where are Abby and all of the moms now?

Let’s start with Abby Lee Miller, the most famous “Dance Moms” figure. Since the cancellation of “Dance Moms,” Abby has been doing all sorts of things. From battling a rare form of cancer to making podcasts, this woman has been through it all. Also, she faced some jail time. In October of 2015, Abby was arrested and charged with 20 counts of bankruptcy fraud. She had a secret bank account to hide income. Because of this, she faced about eight months of jail time. 

Since “Dance Moms,” Melissa (Maddie and Mackenzie’s mom) has been active and supporting her kids. She has also appeared in several movies such as “The 47th Floor”. 

Christi (Chloe’s mom) has been on social media a lot. She also has a podcast called, “Christi’s Couch”, where they talk about different topics, such as her time on “Dance Moms” to how to cope with different situations. Christie has a younger daughter now named Clara, and she still lives in Pittsburgh. 

Dr. Holly Frazier (Nia’s mom) has been “the voice of reason” and one of the only calm moms on the show. Since “Dance Moms,” she has made a few television appearances. But mostly, she has been staying at home supporting Nia and her career. 

Jill Vertes (Kendall’s mom) has not yet detached from “Dance Moms.” In fact, she is more connected than ever. She, Melissa, Holly, and Kelly started a podcast called “Because Mom Said So.”

Kelly Hyland (Brooke and Paige’s mom) must really like podcasts because “Because Mom Said So” isn’t her only one. Kelly has another podcast with Christi called, “Back to Barre with Christi and Kelly,” where they discuss the “behind the scenes” of “Dance Moms.” And when it comes to taking care of her kids, Kelly goes all out. In 2014, Kelly sued Abby on behalf of Paige for emotional distress, but it was dismissed one year later.

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