Why you should stay at Miami Beach

Why you should stay at Miami Beach

Nora Ferrufino, Author

Miami is a great place to stay there, with so many amazing things about it. 

One reason Miami is impressive is its spectacular views. The views at Miami Beach are incredible. You can see the great views of the ocean or the whole city. It is beautiful beacsue you can look out of your window, and everywhere you look, you see all the boats in the water and colorful fish.

The weather in Miami is also near-perfect. The weather is so humidity level there feels good. It’s warm, but the humid air adds an extra depth to the air. There is also rain there; when it rains, all the flowers sprout, and the rain cools everything off after a hot day or night.

Finally, Miami hotels are excellent there. Most have great service and incredible rooms. Every morning, you wake up to views of the ocean and smiling servers that greet you.