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Teslas and the Environment

Teslas and the Environment

Oliver Boucher, Author

Tesla is a car brand owned by a multi-million dollar company. It’s thought that they are better for the environment because they are electric, but sources have proven that statement wrong.

Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, says, “The battery is electric, so it does not hurt the environment.” The battery is made in factories using fossil fuels, and the resources that make Tesla’s battery are found in mining machines that are powered by fossil fuels. The car is then transported from the factory to the market by boats, trucks, and planes that run on fossil fuels. This is only one reason why Tesla’s bad for the environment. Another reason why Tesla is bad is that if you’re on a road trip and you run out of battery, what will you do? There is no charger or hotel nearby, and you can’t sit in the car because everything is off, including the radio, the heater, the lights, and everything else. You would need to call a towing company, and even if you find a charger, it takes 12 hours to get to the full battery without a supercharger. I have given some evidence, but now I need to see if other people agree with me, or if my claim is false.

I asked kids if Teslas were good or bad. One said, “No, Teslas suck.” Another said, “I mean, Teslas are good for the environment, but if you want something more powerful, just get a gas car.” I agree with some of these statements that Teslas are not as eco-friendly as they say. All of this evidence proves that Teslas are not suitable for the environment, and you’re better off just getting a gas car.

Some other people say otherwise. People that think that Tesla’s are good for the environment say that most of the energy that the cars use and the energy used to build the cars come from renewable sources such as windmills and solar panels. I do not agree with them, but everyone is allowed to have their own opinions.

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My name is Oliver Boucher and I'm in 8th grade, I play hockey and I snowboard. I have been snowboarding since I was 7 and playing hockey for over a year....

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Teslas and the Environment