A Personal Perspective of the COVID Outbreak at McAuliffe


Maren Huss, Author

On the week of January 23rd, our school was hit with COVID. I was just one of the many students that were hit by this destructive wave. While this is a personal article, it will touch on some of the experiences of others during this time.

While quarantined, I still had to keep up with all of my schoolwork, or I would’ve fallen a week behind. This meant that I had to print out my handouts and consistently check Schoology for updates. There were also times when I had to reach out to a teacher and ask them to post assignments. 

Then, a 6th-grade story, there was the math interim later that week. I only found out later that week, on Thursday. This meant that I had to study my math assignments even more thoroughly in just one day! Luckily, I felt prepared to go to school on Friday, so I could do my interim, but other students throughout 6th grade had to do a make-up test later the next week. The test was just one of the larger stresses for the infected students of McAuliffe.

The hardest part of the COVID outbreak was staying in my room 24/7 (literally). I was forced to eat my meals, do my schoolwork, and complete my everyday life in my bedroom. No one else in my family was infected while I was, so they completely separated from me. I couldn’t even interact with my pets for worry that I would get them sick, too. 

A friend of mine in 8th grade says that the outbreak hit her hard, too. She was quarantined and spent a lot of time in bed doing her homework. Although she didn’t have an interim like the 6th graders, she was assigned CERs and summaries, which she says were very overwhelming. 

The outbreak hit students hard, even if the effect on our health was similar to a cold. It was very overwhelming and stressful for the students it hit, but school is almost back to normal now.