A Cats Perspective During Christmas Time


Natalie Turc, Author/Journalist

December 2

A sharp sting hit my nose and I quickly backed away from the thing that hurt me. It was large and green, made of branches with tiny needles sprouting from them. I could tell it wasn’t real, just from the plastic scent. “A Christmas Tree ” as my humans would call it. The smallest human of mine by the name of Charlotte or Charlie for short had told me that every day December 25th gifts would appear around the tree for all of us. Including me. Especially me. If there weren’t any gifts for me, I wouldn’t be happy. I own this house. I should be the one that only gets gifts. But I guess my humans deserve some too, after all, they do feed me. Brooklyn or Brook was the second largest human. Brook and Charlie are the two biggest humans daughters. The two biggest humans were named mom and dad by the two girls. All my humans helped to decorate the Christmas tree. A total waste of time, if you ask me. Just leave it undecorated! It’s not like the gifts are gonna care if the tree is decorated or not. Or maybe they do. What do I know? I’m just a cat. A calico cat made up of white, brownish-orangeish, and black. I am very loveable, even the crazy dog thinks so. Yeah, humans have dogs. It’s a big golden doodle named Buddy. REAL pain in the butt. He always licks my face and leaves a big dog scent on my face. I always wonder why he has to clean my face so often, but I’m not gonna tell him to do otherwise. He’s a lot bigger but quite dumb if you ask me. But I’m not gonna risk getting chewed to pieces as he does to all his toys. All his toys always make high-pitch-squeaky noises that are SO annoying. If I could, I would have thrown those out the window ages ago. But anyways, as soon as the humans were done decorating the Christmas tree, they fed me. A bowl of my favorite food. My tummy slowly started to relax as I gulped down the food without even chewing it. When I was finished, I walked over to the couch and hopped on. I made myself comfortable and took a long deep nap. When I awoke, all my humans were already sleeping, so I decided to wander around the house until morning came again. 

December 25

As the sun rose up that morning, so did I. I stood up for a while until Charlie came squealing down the stairs with a large smile. Brook followed her, also grinning. They ran straight to the tree and grabbed colorful boxes from under it. Oh, it was Christmas. That means presents under the tree for all of us. That means me too. Buddy got hyped up from all the excitement and ran to their side. I followed them to the tree and sniffed around for a present of mine. Hmmm. A book, colored pencils, a new purse, a t-shirt, catnip, oh! That must be for me. I also sniffed out a squeaky toy for Buddy. Another one? Don’t we hear enough squeaky toys in this house? I didn’t see Charlie and Brook smelling the gifts to find out what they were. Maybe they wanted it to be a surprise. Soon after, mom and dad came downstairs. I could sense the excitement buzzing in the air. They started ripping a paper layer off the gifts revealing plenty of different things. The things I had sniffed out earlier. Dad took out the glowy box he called a “phone” to take pictures and videos. I sat patiently so they could help me open my gifts. I got bored and decided to lie down under the Christmas tree and bite the branches I could reach. They kept yelling the word “no” at me and I didn’t know what to do. I stopped for a while to see if they would stop, and they did. But I decided to continue biting the tree as revenge for them not opening my presents fast enough. They didn’t seem to notice since they were so busy opening their gifts. Without me. So annoying. My mouth hurt after a while so I went to Charlie and pawed at her leg to get her attention. She yelped and looked down at me. I meowed and she giggled.

“Oh, we forgot to open your presents!” She said as she grabbed a little box with the tag Koko on the top. She tore it open to reveal catnip, just like I sniffed out earlier. I then pawed my other gift to signal to her to open this one too, and she seemed to have understood. She also ripped that one open for me to see a stuffed mouse that you could put catnip inside of. They put the catnip inside the mouse and I wrestled with it until Brook and Charlie finished opening Buddies presents. He immediately started chewing the toy I sniffed earlier and the whole house filled with that high-pitched noise. So I walked off, leaving the mouse behind to go hide away from the horrible noise. I lay down on the chair in dads office and fell into a deep sleep.


I awoke later to the sound of children running around and got up and went to see what all the commotion was. Charlie and another little girl her size were playing with Brook and a girl her size. They called each other “friends”. I wonder what a friend is. Why have any though? Seems like you would have to interact with others, and I don’t need that in my life. They stood for a while for a Christmas dinner and I decided to go back to under the Christmas tree. It was dark out by this time, but the tree lights illuminated the space around me. I decided to sleep again so I could stay up during the night. I curled up tight and sighed deeply. One day, I will make a plan to finally get rid of that dogs toys so we can all live peacefully. I promised myself as I fell into a deep slumber.