New York City Pizza


Emilie Mullison, author

New York pizza, let’s talk about it, The pizza has gone famous for its outstanding taste and probably even where it is located. There are many different pizza places in New York City but which is the best?  


When my family and I went to New York City, we went to only one pizza place because it was so good we couldn’t believe it, The grease that leaked off, The burning hot cheese that burned the roof of our mouths. Vito’s Slices and Ices was the pizza place we had almost every day.


When we first got the trip to New York I started to look for places where we could get the best pizza ever I found many different areas like NY pizza suprema, Joe’s Pizza, made-in-New York pizza, and many more amazing places. When we went to New York it was cold and storming and my family was desperately craving some real food other than some pretzels on the plane.  


All in all, I believe that New York City pizza is the best kind of pizza you can get it has many different flavors and sizes and is a great thing to eat when you are craving the best pizza in the world.