The Strange Blobfish


Maddie Ng, Author

Lurking around in the depths of the ocean sits a strange, fleshy, fish. It’s rather ugly, and a strange pink color. It doesn’t really have a form and isn’t moving. It simply sits on the seafloor, gulping up everything that happens to pass by. This, is the blobfish.

The blobfish is found about 2,000 to 4,000 feet off the coast of Australia, where the pressure is 120 times higher than it is at the surface. Unlike many other fish, the blobfish doesn’t have what is known as a swim bladder. The swim bladder helps fish move around, and stay buoyant. However, if a fish has a swim bladder at the depth the blobfish lives at, the insides of the fish will be pushed out of its mouth.

Deep in the ocean, food is scarce. The blobfish is what is known as a lie-in-wait predator, lying on the seafloor and eating whatever unfortunate creatures happen to cross their paths. Some frequent foods are crustaceans, brittle stars, anemones, and carrion. The lack of moment while hunting allows the blobfish to save energy, which is key to their survival.

The blobfish has no known predators but are threatened by human activities, such as deep sea fishing, or bottom trawling, where weighted fishing nets are dragged along the seafloor. Cold-water-loving creatures could also be affected by warming ocean waters. However, the Ugly Animal Preservation Society has officially named the blobfish their mascot in an effort to raise awareness about the ugly foot-long fish.