Climate Change


Emilie Mullison, author

Climate change has started to be a big problem in 2022, Towns are flooding and icebergs are melting forest fires and more! Climate change can be a big problem for people to live in rural areas. On USA Today news there was an article about climate change and how badly it has affected people.   


I have asked some of my classmates and teachers what are their thoughts on climate change and here are some responses.


Zandra Holliday says “ climate change is weird”  and not going to lie I agree with her that climate change is real and the world can stop it by simple things like using a bike to go to your friend’s house instead of a car.


Ms. kelly stated “it’s really disappointing that there are a lot of climate change doubters and your generation and my generation” this is true there are so many people in the world who believe climate change will just stop if you do nothing about it! 


Molly dirst said “I think it’s horrible and the polar bears need to live” Molly has a point there are so many more extinct animals due to climate change and that’s just terrible.   

In the future, our beautiful home could be destroyed and if not destroyed our animals could go extinct such as polar bears or seals. We can easily stop climate change by eating more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds, and less meat, Riding our bikes places instead of driving, And even by just turning off the lights when we leave a room.