Mahomes or Allen

Russo Vesceri, Author

Who is a better quarterback, Mahomes or Allen? What a debate this is with this being the next Brady-Manning. I don’t know a football fan that doesn’t turn the TV on to see one of these QBs going at it let alone if they’re facing each other. Which has happened five times with these QBs with the Chiefs holding a 3-2 record against Allen. 


Statistic Josh Allen Patrick Mahomes
Games 66 (65 Starts) 68 (68 starts)
Overall record 43-22-0 54-14-0
Passing Yards 15,765 20,389
Passing TDs 117 166
INTs 50 39
Rushing Yards 2,550 1,281
Rushing TDs 33 8
Total TDS 151 17

Allen is clearly a better runner at 6’5” and 237 pounds. While Mahomes is only 6’2” and 225 pounds. That’s not to say that Mahomes is a bad runner, in fact, he is fourth in the league for rushing yards for QBs. I interviewed Peter Brumbaugh for his thoughts and he was definitely in favor of Mahomes. He said Mahomes has multiple super bowl appearances while Josh Allen has zero. Patrick has also shown that he doesn’t need a top 5 receiver to make things happen. Just think how much of a blow it would be to Allen if he lost Diggs. If you look at the defenses there is one huge difference. It helps a lot if you can actually get the ball without waiting about 8 game time minutes so you don’t lose any momentum and you don’t have to worry about the stress of needing a touchdown every drive to have a chance at winning. Mahomes is also more clutch. He has pulled off some of the craziest comebacks in history. He has also shown his lack of needing much time on the clock to make something happen. The Chiefs are 2-0 against them in the playoffs so far. Mahomes is also great at spreading the ball around. Allen on the other hand is a physical beast and definitely stronger than Patrick. They are both exceptional when it comes to throwing on the run. Patrick Mahomes is FLEXIBLE. Not to mention this was a perfect pass and was completed with his non-dominant hand.

After all of this I think Mahomes is the better QB.