NFL News and Predictions

Vyaan Chopra, author



The NFL season is almost halfway done and there are some things you definitely missed. The NFL leading team is the Philadelphia Eagles who are with 8 wins and no losses. The AFC west has been the most competitive division as of right now, with the duel of Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen. Josh Allen led the Buffaloes past the Chiefs 24-20, finally getting revenge for Mahome’s impossible comeback last year. Also, Cooper Kupp said in a press conference that “all NFL games should be played on real grass, not the fake s*** we use.” The NFL is currently debating whether they make it required or recommended but NFL commissioners say “it will happen, we just don’t know when.”


 With the very early return of Tua Tagovailoa, people around the USA are saying he should retire. “He’s not going anywhere.” Cruz, a Mcauliffe 7th grader says. “He has 50 million in the bank, he shouldn’t push it.” Cruz also said the most disappointing teams this season had been the Packers, Buccaneers, and Broncos. These teams have struggled despite having a great roster. Cruz also expects the Eagles or Bills to win the Super Bowl but he will not be surprised if there is a major upset(s). The Kansas City Chiefs and the New York Jets are currently third and fourth behind the Eagles and Bills.


Experts have said this as well but do you think that a Bills team could play on the biggest stage in football? And do you think that they would beat the Chiefs in a playoff game? Anyways, some people are saying that with the return of Tua, the dolphins will return to the contender’s list of teams. But again, the teams that go to the Super Bowl usually have experience and it is much harder to be young and go there, rather than be more experienced and older. What do you think?