Explaining the World Cup

August Murphy, Author

In the World Cup, the teams are split up into eight groups of four teams -A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H- that will play each other in the first round, after they play each other the top two teams in the group move on to the next round then they’ll be split up into a bracket split by seed, the team is ranked by seed based on how many games they won during the four years in between each world cup. In between each World Cup, national teams come together and play each other, that’s the “regular season.”

In the first round of the World Cup, each person in the group will play each other and the two teams with the two most points in the group will move on to the next round. In the World Cup, you get 3 points for a win, a point for a draw, and none for a loss. Then all the teams play each other until the finals. The finals are a very heated game because it’s the biggest game in soccer history. Speaking of history, Brazil has won the most World Cups ever with Pele leading them in front of Germany and Italy.

This year the World Cup will be in Qatar which means that Qatar’s national team automatically gets to go to the World Cup even if they’re not good. This has been happening since the World Cup started. This year since the World Cup in Qatar the World Cup has to start later in the year because it’s so hot in Qatar and players won’t play very well. Also since the World Cup is starting later this year there has to be a break in the Premier League during the World Cup.

In conclusion, the World Cup is a fun and exhilarating thing to watch, but having the World Cup in Qatar was a mistake.