Not Everyone is a Fan of the Old Style Trends

Molly Dirst, Stylist

Why are old trends and fads from the 1970s-1990s coming back in style, like old clothes? Is it because we are inspired by television or our favorite celebrities? Or is it today’s new day and age on social media? When we go to a store looking for new clothes, the first thing we see are old trends, with our guardian saying,” That’s what I wore when I was your age.” But you are all confused, But that is what my friends are wearing. From the turtlenecks, bucket hats, and even the flared leggings and pants. But why are these old styles coming back for us to wear? 

The overall answer to this is social media. We are constantly seeing outfits from the times before us, being worn by our favorite influencers, wearing these items, and we are swayed into the new, used-to-be-old, craze. Some people’s world changed when the trends came back, immediately going to the store, or buying online their own vintage clothing.

People not fans of the Old Trends

Even though most people are huge fans of the old trends, what is the reason for those who aren’t? Could it be because recent trends are overtaking their opinions? Another cause of social media? The overall cause of people not being a fan of it is, it’s just not their style. Some people are fanatics over low-rise jeans, and some are fans of crop tops or white Nike socks, with new shoes. It also could be that kids are not fans of the clothes our parents wore when they were younger.

After interviewing Kiera Hansen and Reese Larson, they both came up with an answer of being a fan of today’s, modern clothes. The overall takeaway is, it depends on what you love, the style that is inspiring to you, and what you are interested in!