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So you may think I’m bored and want to go anywhere. Yet you can because either you don’t have a car, or you just don’t have one. But then you remember I have a gaming console. Yet again another thing is in your way you don’t have any game that has to do with cars or racing. Well, it’s good that you’ve come here because I’ve got a list of things you might like. Just so you know these are just games that I have played and I bet there are other fun games that have to do with formula one and stuff like that.

 Forza Horizon 5: Up first is this game called Forza Horizon Five. So for the most part this game is about having fun driving around your favorite cars. And it is set in Mexico so you won’t be seeing many big cities but you will see a lot of forest open roads and highways. And if you don’t believe me about your favorite car it has over 790 unique vehicles and that might not seem like a lot it costs 317,912,300 CR on in-game credits. But it’s a fun game nonetheless and you can race with the story or you can go online and drag race others or just drift around with other people.

Forza Horizon 4: This game is much like Forza 5 but it has a smaller selection of cars. But this game is still nonetheless, fun because it is set in England, I don’t know exactly where but you can visit castles in some of your favorite supercars. Or you could send it off of a jump flying at 200 miles an hour.

Dirt Rally Racing 2.0: This game is different from Forza yet it is still fun due to its fast-paced movement and racing makes it fun but there is a catch it’s not a normal race track. Instead of on a concrete race track they set you on a dirt track on a tight track like a real rally race. Or you could just free-play on a set track and drift in a car for fun.

Gran Turismo 7: This one is my dad’s favorite racing game he has ever played. This is because you get to race both old-school cars and cars from the now and vehicles yet to even come out. Not only that, you get to race tracks like the Daytona Speed Track to test how fast your cars go. Or you could take on the lemans track or run a race that is 1 hour long but you get 1 million dollars.

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