Terrible Mistake by Coach

Logan Rustici, Author

In the first two games of the Broncos’ 2022 season, there have been not the best coaching decisions. It was 40 seconds left and the clock was ticking away and the Broncos were at the 48-yard line on 4 down and 5 they were down one 17 to 16 Seahawks and the Broncos kept letting the clock tick away and called a timeout at 20 seconds left. They chose 64 yd field goal with Brandon McManus over a 5 yd play with Russel Willson. There have only been two other players to kick more than Justin Tucker’s 66 yds. It is the longest in the NFL and Matt Prater’s 64yds. So Nathaniel Hacket the coach would rather have the third longest field goal chance than a five yd play from most likely Hall of Fame quarterback Russel Wilson and then get more yds and kick the field goal and win. Not so smart right? He later emitted that “We definitely should have gone for it.” Even the announcers didn’t know what he was doing.

Also, in the latest game against the Texans on 9/18/22 the coach failed to call a timeout which lost them a field goal. The Broncos still won 16 to 9. The fans went crazy with a lot of booing and the fans counted down the play clock which people watching on TV could hear. If this continues the coach could be fired. The players also must not be happy with him.  “I was telling them, that actually helped us out,” running back Javonte Williams said afterward. “We started clicking once they started telling us the play clock. They might need to keep doing that every game.” This is how incapable the Broncos’ offense is right now. With credit to Nathaniel Hacket. To start the season the Broncos look downright terrible.