Nuggets, Before the Season

Eli Marshall, Author

The Nuggets have one main duo, 2 time MVP Center Nikola Jokic who will only get better throughout the years and explosive point guard Jamal Murray these two can put up at least 45 points a game they have shown that. But you might’ve noticed one notable player missing Monte Morris who was also a key aspect of the Nugget’s offense. But let’s look at his replacement Kentavious Cadwell-Pope who was a starting small forward but he will start SG and will give some size to the Nugget’s starting five also Kentavious Cadwell-Pope averaged 13.2 points a game and 3.4 rebounds a game.

 But then we have the defense which if we’re talking about starters might be a problem the best defender being PF Arron Gordon and then Jokic to get the rebounds.

Defense with bench players on the other hand will not be a problem. The main guys are Deandre Jordan and Zeke Nnaji. One thing concerning about this is that they both are listed as Centers But will have to play PF because of the Joker aka Nikola Jokic.