The Start to the Basketball Season

August Murphy, Writer

The First game in the Basketball preseason will be played on the 30th of September in Washington State, in the game that The Golden State Warriors will play at Washington Wizards and on the same day RA’ANANA (A Japanese Basketball team) will play at The LA Clippers. The Golden State game is highly anticipated because The Golden State Warriors won the NBA finals last year and have been really go the past years.

The preseason will go on till October 6, 2022. Some of the most interesting games will include of course Warriors-Wizards (October 1st) Grizzlies-Buck (October 1st) because both teams have been good the last two year and both teams made it to the playoffs last year, Hornets-Celtics (October 2nd) last year the Celtics made it to the championship and the Hornets are owned by Michel Jordan, Trail Blazers-Clippers(October 3rd) both teams in the past have been vary good with good players, but not so much now so we’ll see what happens, Magic- Grizzles (October 3rd). That’s all for the preseason.