Pro surfer dies at 24 while surfing in Costa Rica

Chase Renschen, Author

A professional surfer died on September 17 while surfing. Reports say that he had a seizure while on a wave and died while drowning he also had a medical condition called Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome that caused his heart rate to increase rapidly and sometimes causes seizures. when he died he was on the coast of costa Rica while practicing for his next competition

Kalani David was 24 when he reached an unfortunate death. David started surfing and skating at the age of fourteen he adored surfing and skating his entire life and when asked in an interview he stated “If it was life or death, and I had to choose skating or surfing, I’d choose death,” and this just shows how much he loved his sports and he would rather give his life than give up sports.

David won a 16 and under tournament in 2012 while in Panama and free surf magazine also stated that he probably had “hundreds if not thousands of trophies.” and David was a very accomplished athlete and had a great personality. David also competed in the 2012 x-games placing top 20 among the skateboarders And continued to participate in ports even though he had a deadly condition.

Kalani David will always be missed and his legacy continued and never be forgotten.