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The 5 Hardest Runs at Vail


Vail Mountain is the third largest mountain in America but is mostly known for its “The Legendary Back Bowls” Also the variation is good for beginners, tourists, and hard-core locals. But some tourists are also hardcore skiers who just don’t know where to go to have fun.

I have skied for the majority of my life and have tried almost every run on Vail Mountain and it’s my home mountain. And over the years I eventually joined a ski team called Vail Ski and Snowboard Club. I do this thing called Big Mountain skiing where all you do is ski terrain competitively that many beginners and tourists would not prefer to ski.  

1:Prima Cornice is at number one because it is known for one of the hardest runs by other skiers on the mountain and is known to be quite steep and many rocks and whatnot poking through the snow.

2:Lovers Leap, this is number two because not only is it used for big mountain comps near the top is a ridge you need to get down after a powder day the either maneuver around the cliffs or just fully send off the many different cliffs.

3:North Rim, the top part can be challenging to get in but once you get down most of the run you need to straight line down the rest if you want a fighting chance to get out.

4:Highline, Some might not find it challenging but for most, it can be quite an annoying run filled with thousands of bumps reaching very far.

5:Chair 4 Cliffs, It can be a very adrenaline-pumping run which can also be because the people on the chair can be seen cheering you on as you go on. After a semi-big cliff, you need to go off a jump that is now for a good jump to backflip. The people on the chair can also be seen yelling at you to do a backflip of the jump.

Also, This is just a self-preference and everyone is a different type of skier and everyone has their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the mountain.

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