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Is Sleeping With Your Dog Really Ruff

Is Sleeping With Your Dog Really Ruff

Many people like to cozy up with their dogs, especially in the wintertime. There are several reasons for this, whether it’s the comfort of hearing their snores, or the touch of their soft fur. But is it healthy for humans and dogs to sleep together? Research shows that there are many benefits to this, especially for human and dog health, both emotionally and physically.

A study by explains that snuggling with your dog reduces stress and enables/increases oxytocin and dopamine, as well as feel-good hormones. More than half of adults claim that they sleep with their dogs, and 35% of children claim to sleep with their dogs as well. “It feels like family time!!” said David, the owner of a 3-year-old golden retriever.

Another study shows that sleeping with your dog can reduce anxiety and loneliness. Help mental health conditions, and regulate emotions. Sophia is known to lure her dog onto her bed with treats. “I do this because he feels like a teddy bear that warms me up!” said Sophia. Like many others, Sophia loves to get warm by her dog.

Dogs “who share their human’s bed tend to have a “higher trust level and a tighter bond with the humans that are in their lives. It’s a big display of trust on their part,” says CNN. Especially when they turn their back to you, because they can’t watch for danger. CNN also explains that dogs who sleep at the end of your bed with their head to the door might be/have a more protective personality.

Another study from states “An older study found that people with [dogs] were less likely to take sleep medication than people without [dogs]”. The more dogs around you in the first years of a person’s life can decrease the risk of having allergies toward pollen and other animals.

There is also the comfort of knowing your dog is alert. Your dog can help you feel secure and protected while you sleep. Take the movie “A Dog’s Purpose” for example, when their house was on fire, one of the main characters, Bailey (the dog), alerted his owners and they were able to get out alive.

But of course, there are some cons. First, sleeping with your dog might trigger allergies (if you have them) it can be very dangerous to sleep with your dog in that condition of course. It can also be harder to fall asleep or get a decent night’s sleep since dogs tend to be light sleepers. A small sound can wake them up and possibly they will wake you up.

It also is an important factor to consider that you and your dog can spread diseases, and parasites, as well as dogs liking your face or an open wound. If you have an aggressive dog you might not want to sleep with them because it might cause minor or severe injuries. If your dog is territorial you also might not want to sleep with them because they can get aggressive about if the bed is something to defend, but the right training can eliminate this possibility.

As you can see, sleeping with your dog can be both good and bad for you, but both of course depend on who you are and your condition as well as your dog’s. So the pros may or may not outweigh the cons in some cases. It all comes down to your personal beliefs and values.

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