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Uniform Pros and Cons

Uniform Pros and Cons

Many people dislike the uniform situation because they want a variety of clothes to wear other than McAuliffe shirts and sweatshirts. Many people break this dress code by wearing whatever they like, whenever they like, and teachers are aware of this. Many staff come into the classrooms and give refocuses to the people who are not in the dress code. There are both pros and cons of the dress code and I have interviewed a few people about the pros and cons so I will be listing them out.

Here are the pros:

 -There aren’t cliques with clothing.

– It’s comfortable.

-You can support the school at all times.

 -You don’t have to worry about what to wear in the morning. 

Here are the cons (there may be a lot):

-You have to wear the same thing every day and it gets annoying.

-You probably have a closet full of clothes but you can only wear them on the weekends.

-If you’re wearing the uniform every day then you have to do the laundry a lot and sometimes you forget so you have to wear a dirty shirt.

-You may want to wear a variety of colors for pants.

-You’re not allowed to show your personality through clothing items.

My opinion is there should be a dress code but not a super strict one because people need to express themselves in clothing. As you can see, there are a lot of people who don’t like the dress code, but there are some arguments that show why there is a dress code. 

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