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The “Sephora Kid” Epidemic


If you don’t know what the term “Sephora kid” means, then it is the youth across the United States flocking towards the beauty and skincare side of the retailer “Sephora”. The kids can be known to be aggressive or rude towards the environment.  As a kid, my daily life was, “unicorns, bubble guppies, claires, etc.” The thing is, kids now stride towards a lifestyle catered to makeup and skincare. A lot of these kids don’t need any of this. In fact, a lot of it is actually ruining their skin! Brands like “Drunk Elephant” have been the main attraction towards kids these days. Ingredients like Retinol, Synthetic Fragrances, Sunscreen Chemicals, Hyaluronic Acid, etc, can be very harmful to the baby skin lots of these kids have. They are only using it because they want to follow the trends on Social Media like TikTok or YouTube. The bottle on brands like “Glow Recipe” can be very appealing to the eye of this generation, so Social Media influencers have promoted these products to their large audience, which makes everyone want it; even if some don’t need it. Some of these kids, though, actually need this type of treatment because of their eczema or acne. As a kid, I started to develop acne and eczema as a 8 year old which then needed light but effective treatments like “Ceramides” or “Eczema-preventing ingredients like “colloidal oatmeal.” from brands like “Cerave” or “Cetaphil.”

I really like Sephora! I love trying out new skincare or makeup products. As a 13 year old, I have matured and realized that you have to be nice to get your way. Personally, I have witnessed the Sephora kid epidemic. I was checking out the brand “Rare Beauty” when I saw this little 8 year old yelling at the Sephora employee over at Drunk Elephant to get the “Retinol and Pink Bottle Serum.” She told the employee that she got a bug bite on her cheek and now she needed treatment immediately. Inspecting the little girl, I saw that she didn’t have any problem with her skin that “Drunk Elephant” could resolve. She doesn’t realize that Retinol can ruin her young skin. I know that even my mom doesn’t use Retinol yet, and she has very mature skin!

I Interviewed Ireland Lopez, and this is what they had to say:

“They are SO disrespectful. The Sephora kids destroy the samples from brands like Drunk Elephant or Glow Recipe, so the company loses more money because they have to restock the broken samples. Some of them are respectful! When they ask for products, they say please and thank you, or when they use the sample, they clean up when they are done.”

In conclusion, we need to realize that not every kid in “Sephora” is bad; it just depends on who they are as a person.

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Maya Stanton, Opinionated Writer
My name is Maya Stanton, I am in 6th Grade, and my favorite food is sushi! :) In my free time, I like to bike around my neighborhood, do tricks on my bike, sleep, go swimming, read books, and watch YouTube! My favorite topic to write about is opinions because I get to share my thoughts on an incredibly diverse site.

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  • Isabella SeidelMar 8, 2024 at 5:57 pm

    I thought I was over dramatic, that 8 year old made me seem like the most non-dramatic person ever ☠️

  • Mila LemckeFeb 1, 2024 at 10:48 am