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The Buffalo Bills Curse


The Buffalo Bills have been cursed in the playoffs since their existence. The Bills have been a good team in the regular season, but they always fumble when it comes to the playoffs. Don’t get me wrong the Bills are not a bad team. All time the team has won 48% of their games. The Bills have three main playoff curses. The curse is in the Super Bowl they have never won one despite having been to four and all four when in a row from 1991 to 1994. Not only did they lose, but they lost all of them by missing a field goal in the fourth quarter as time expired on the clock. The Bills lost all four Super Bowls under the lead of quarterback Jim Kelly. The second Bills playoff curse is when they lose in the playoffs before the Super Bowl the team that beat them has gone on to lose in the next round, especially in recent years. For example in 2022 the Buffalo Bills lost to the Cincinnati Bangles in the divisional round of the playoffs with a score of 27-10, and then in the Super Bowl, the Bangles lost to the Los Angeles Rams with a score of 23-20. Another time the Bills lost and their opponent lost in the next round of the playoffs was in the 2021 divisional round when the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills with a score of 42-36 which ended in overtime but once again the Chiefs lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a brutal score of 31-9. These two playoff curses have been haunting Bills fans for years. The last Buffalo Bills playoff curse of a game-winning field goal with the phrase “wide-right” hunting them. In 1991 kicker Scott Norwood missed a field goal wide right that would have won them the game and then again the most recent “wide-right” miss was on January 21, 2024, against the Chiefs when Bills kicker Tyler Bass missed a field goal which would have sent the game into overtime. Many teams have curses but the Buffalo Bills curse is the most famous.

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