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Shark Tank

The Backstory

Shark Tank actually came from a show in Japanese, called Dragon’s Den, so Shark Tank is just an American version of that. Shark Tank shows entrepreneurs making business presentations to a panel of five people (sharks) who are supposed to try their best to say no to the pitches, but if they say yes, then either they will make their own deal on what they think is fair, or they will say yes and not make any changes.


How it works


First, the entrepreneur says how much they want in exchange for ___ % of their company. Then, they will make their pitch, trying to cover off on all points. Then, the “Sharks” will ask challenging ques

tions that will make their decision on whether or not they will say yes or no. Then, the entrepreneur answers the questions, in the most convincing way that they can. Finally, the “Sharks” will say yes, no, or yes but… If th

ey say no they will tell you why, but it’s not always in a nice way, in fact, it’s almost always in a meaner way.


Why is it called “ Shark Tank” 

The name “Shark Tank” is a reference to the aggressive and competitive nature of the investors/ Sharks.

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