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Who Are The Wallows?


The Wallows are an indie alternative band with three members, Cole Preston (drums), Braeden Lemasters (guitar and vocals), and Dylan Minnette (guitar and vocals). The band formed in 2011 and released their first song, Pleaser, In 2017. The band was originally called the Narwhals but changed to their official name in 2017, The Wallows. The band name comes from a video game level from Tony Hawk’s Underground. 


Lemasters and Minnette met Cole Preston, who plays the drums, at a music convention called “Join the Band,” in the Valley. Lemasters and Minnette saw Preston’s drum skills and formed a band that has been together ever since. The lead singer, Dylan Minnette is most known for his acting on the popular show 13 Reasons Why. He started acting at 8 years old with his first role being in Two and a Half Men. Minnette learned guitar from watching his father, Craig Minette play at home. The lead guitarist, Braeden Lemasters was also a young actor, starting his first acting job in Six Feet Under. He and Dylan Minnette met through their mothers at the cheesecake factory and later met Cole Preston in 2009 when they were assigned to work with each other in a music program. At only 15 the 3 musicians started their band and released their first song, “Pleaser” in 2017. 


The Wallows first song, “Pleaser” is about a guy who avoids saying what’s on his mind to make sure other people are happy. Although it’s not their most popular song, “Pleaser” is full of upbeat percussion and exciting electric guitar chords. The most popular song by The Wallows is called, “Are You Bored Yet?”, an indie rock song made up of guitar riffs, keyboard, and drums. “Are You Bored Yet?” is included in the 2019 album, Nothing Happens, the song features Clairo and reached number 2 on the Billboard American Alternative Airplay chart and has since reached double-platinum certification by the RIA. 

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