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Cats vs. Dogs

Cats vs. Dogs

Cats and dogs are both one of the most loved animals, but which is better? 

One positive thing about dogs is that dogs are trainable, use the bathroom outside, can protect you, and promote a more active lifestyle. Dogs show a lot of affection towards you and usually care about you very much. Dogs can also help you move around more and get more healthier. Lastly, Dogs can protect you when danger is near and even some dogs can find cancer in someone.  One negative part about a dog is that they need a lot of care. You need to walk the dogs, potty train the dog, love the dog, and you need to get used to slippers and things all over your house getting completely destroyed. Overall, Dogs are really lovable and love your attention. If you are an outdoors person, need someone to love you, and love cuddly animals then a dog would be perfect in your life but don’t forget it will be a lot of work.

One positive thing about cats is that give us attention, relieve our loneliness, provide comfort, and special unique permission to stroke/pet them and keep them on our laps. Cats are very cute and don’t cause as much requirement to care for them as dogs. Cats can survive on their own but they still usually crave attention from you. They can stop stress and provide tons of comfort. Lastly, cats can be trained really easily and don’t cause much trouble. One downside of having a cat is that you might have scratches all over your house. Also, Cats might not have as much affection towards you as dogs do. As you can see cats can relieve stress, don’t cause much work, and make the loneliness in your life disappear. If you need a pet that doesn’t cause much trouble, loves your attention, and wants a cute little pet then definitely get a cat, remember though cats might not show as much affection as dogs do.

  In conclusion, dogs and cats are both equally good pets. I like cats better than dogs but dogs are great too! How about you?

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Alleah Fleisher, Author
I'm Alleah Fleisher and I'm in 6th grade. One interesting fact about me is that I used to live in new york. Something I like to do in my free time is read. My favorite thing to write about is opinion writing because you get to show how you feel about something.

Comments (3)

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  • Patrick DunnNov 15, 2023 at 3:32 pm

    I like dogs so much more I mean they are so attention hoging but they are fun

  • Eloise HubbardNov 13, 2023 at 3:21 pm

    Dogs are better than cats

  • Sydney LevyNov 13, 2023 at 3:20 pm

    dogs are better