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Teachers Building The Future On A Minimum Wage

Teachers Building The Future On A Minimum Wage

Teachers are if anything, more important than any other job, because not only are they teaching the future, but they are also amazing. Even though teachers are the foundation of society, they don’t get paid enough for all they do. Ms. DeWitt, Ms. O’neil, Mr.Mac, and Mr. Schiffer all agree that they don’t get paid enough. McAuliffe uses a special system where the number of points you get determines how much money you get. Points are determined by how many years you worked and what degree you have. We talked to four teachers at McAuliffe and we got to the conclusion that all the teachers at McAuliffe don’t get paid enough for all the work that they do. 

We first talked to Ms. DeWitt to see what she thinks. She said, “I appreciate getting paid more with the more education you took, and your years of service. But I don’t think it’s enough to live and work.” A lot of teachers agree with her. Mr Mac said, “Teachers do more work outside of school than people appreciate, putting us teachers in a very hard position, because we take time in our free time to grade, make lessons,etc… but we don’t get paid to do this extra time.” Another teacher that we talked to was Ms. Hathfeild, and she said that she doesn’t agree with the McAuliffe system, because in her own words “…some teachers can’t afford to live in places, we are very underpaid… teachers rely on spouses to support them, to pay house bills, cars, etc…” Teachers are struggling to pay bills but they do so much in the world, they are giving back which is something all of us should do. We should always respect our teachers no matter what, even if it is hard.

The average salary for a first year teacher is a little under 40k a year, which might seem like a lot but an average salary for a nurse in training is about 60-70k per year.For all of the work,time,and effort they put in their lessons and day, for us it doesn’t make sense at all, every teacher in MIS, even in the world should get paid more for what they do for students if not every day all the time! What do you think?

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  • Brady HydeNov 7, 2023 at 3:21 pm

    they should be paid way more